Track and field conditioning

Track and field encompasses many different events. Depending on what your event(s) is/are, athletes training with our personal trainers can expect to:

  • Increase core strength
  • Increase starting speed
  • Improve running mechanics
  • Increase endurance
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve explosive power
  • Reduce recovery time

Proper conditioning with our personal trainers will also reduce the risk of common strains, sprains, tears, shin splints and tendonitis. In addition to proper training in-studio, we will also design a personalized warm-up to help you perform your best at every practice and meet.

“In addition to your specific sport training, a strength and conditioning program designed to compliment your sports needs will enhance your opportunity to reach your highest potential.”


-Weslayan University

Intelligent use of the weight room… can have a dramatic influence on the success of the competitor”


-NSCA Performance Training Journal