Cycling conditioning

Cycling is a great sport that can be enjoyed competitively or recreationally with friends or alone. Supplementary conditioning for cycling is essential for a number of reasons. Cycling (road biking in this case) involves little to no impact and over time can lead to loss in bone density. Cross-training in other forms of exercise that involve impact is the best way to avoid this. Core strength training is also very important to maintaining positioning/posture on the bike. Weak core musculature can leave a rider vulnerable to lower back pain and more serious injuries over time. Proper functional training can also reduce the risk of common knee issues, such as iliotibial band syndrome. Iliotibial band syndrome is often related to improper cycling technique, but proper cycling technique is difficult to achieve when affected by muscle imbalances that alter joint mechanics.

Cyclists training with one of our certified personal trainers can expect to:

  • Increase core strength and endurance
  • Improve lower body movement mechanics
  • Increase power
  • Reduce cardiovascular recovery time from sprints
  • Improve overall balance in the body by working areas and movements that cycling does not.

“ is crucial to improve a rider’s strength during this off-season. Increased strength, which does not mean creating larger muscles, is necessary in order to improve your power, or speed-strength. This characteristic does have specific application to cycling.”


– Harvey Newton, former strength and conditioning advisor to USA Cycling