lacrosse conditioning

Lacrosse is a great sport requiring raw athleticism and refined hand-eye coordination. Core strength is extremely important in lacrosse because of altered running mechanics while holding the stick and quick rotation when passing and shooting. Strength in lacrosse is not only important for athletic performance, but also for dealing with the contact involved in the sport.

Lacrosse athletes training with one our certified personal trainers can expect to:

  • Increase speed, agility and quickness
  • Increase core strength
  • Increase hand-eye coordination
  • Increase endurance

“Proper preparation using sport-specific training technique…are essential to improving performance and preventing injury in lacrosse.”


-US Lacrosse, The National Governing Body of Lacrosse

“…care must be taken to train each player at his or her appropriate level, using sport-specific and training techniques based on modern research.”


-US Lacrosse, The National Governing Body of Lacrosse