dance conditioning

Dance is one the most strenuous activities on the body due to the high volume, explosive movements and extreme joint/body positions. Proper supplemental conditioning is essential to avoiding injuries, enhancing performance and increasing the length of a dancers career.

Dancers training with one of our personal trainers can expect to:

  • Increase core strength and stability
  • Improve static and dynamic posture
  • Improve body awareness and control
  • Increase explosive power for jumping

“…it is important to include strengthening as well to prevent instability.  Also, it is important to strengthen the front of the ankle…"


-Nationwide Children’s, A National Leader in Pediatric Care

"Another common way dancers injure themselves is through decreased balance, causing missteps, leading to sprains and strains….increased strength will lead to increased stability and balance and less injuries.”


-Nationwide Children’s, A National Leader in Pediatric Care