Soccer conditioning

Soccer is a one of most popular sports in the world. Here in the south bay, we are lucky to be able to get out on a field at any time of the year. There are many different aspects to improving performance in soccer.

Soccer players training with one of our personal trainers can expect to:

  • Increase speed, agility and quickness in all planes of motion
  • Increase ankle and knee stability
  • Increase core strength and stability

Soccer requires frequent high intensity bursts of energy mixed into longer periods of moderate energy expenditure. Our conditioning program will prepare you to meet the energy system demands, so that you can stay sharp throughout the game. Our conditioning program will also reduce the risk of injuries such as ankle sprains, ACL and MCL tears and muscle strains.

“They (ACL ruptures) are often the result of putting too much of a load on the knee joint during the sudden stops and starts of soccer……. and appropriate strength training are the keys to prevention.”


-NYU Medical Center